#WaltWednesday – Inspiration from the Man Himself

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“What must concern us more thoughtfully is subject matter. Diversity. We must appeal to a far wider range of audience interest than ever before. We must prove to the whole new audiences, particularly our alert and curious teenager, that the movies and TV can compete for their attention with all the exciting prospects and activities of their daily life in a wonderful world of facts, of splendid dreams, of inviting experiences.”

-Walter Elias Disney

Written by Brandon Hawkins

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Brandon has been visiting the parks since he was two years old. He has visited Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris multiple times. With a passion for everything Disney, Brandon gives followers up to date news from around the Walt Disney Company adding personal stories along the way. Brandon currently hosts The Happiest Podcast On Earth, available now on iTunes and Google Play.

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