History of The Happiest Blog On Earth

The Happiest Blog On Earth was created in 2013 by Brandon Hawkins. During the first two years, the blog had just under 600,000 hits and less than 14,000 unique visitors. Thanks to an outpouring of support from the Disney fan community, The Happiest Blog on Earth has had millions of hits worldwide in the last year alone.


What Makes The Happiest Blog On Earth Different?

Besides the fact that the entire blog was started and continues to be maintained by an 18-year-old, there are lots of things that differentiate The Happiest Blog On Earth from other Disney Blogs.

Technology – The Happiest Blog On Earth was built from the ground up with the average computer user in mind. That being said, everything on the blog is very user-friendly and easy to use. THBOE is currently the only Disney blog to feature AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) enabled articles. This enables users to read articles faster via a Google search. THBOE is also the only Disney blog to be fully secured via an SSL certificate. This ensures that while users are on public wifi, no sensitive information gets hacked while be transferred to the blog.

There’s a lot of technology in the back-end of the site that makes THBOE very unique. The blog doesn’t track users AT ALL – that includes the use of cookies to track your interest for Google Adwords. The trending feature is also something that is very unique, especially in the world of Disney blogs. THBOE is THE FIRST Disney blog to offer a trending feature.

Quizzes – Recent technology has allowed THBOE to create viral Buzzfeed-style personality and trivia quizzes – all about Disney of course! THBOE was the FIRST Disney blog to offer these quizzes and still to this day offers the largest library to chose from.

Distribution – THBOE is currently the only Disney blog distributed via both Apple News and Google Play News. In addition, we are distributed via multiple live RSS feeds and via a daily, weekly, or monthly email newsletter to over 4 million subscribers. Being distributed over Apple and Google Play News is a HUGE deal! This allows readers to easily read content in a native news app on their phones without having to actually visit the blog.

Mobile App – When THBOE was developed several years ago, mobile apps weren’t even possible for small news outlets or websites. Now, THBOE is proud to be one of the first Disney blogs to offer a comprehensive mobile app, offering push notifications, videos, podcasts, and more all within the app. The official THBOE app is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.


Partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Happiest Blog On Earth has always been about giving back and has never been about making money. When the blog began to make revenue in 2014, creator Brandon Hawkins immediately looked for a charity to donate the money to. The Make-A-Wish Foundation was a perfect fit. They send terminally ill kids to the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts as the kids final ‘wish’.

At the end of every month, all of the money generated from ads on the blog and on the YouTube channel is directly donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

To make your own donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, you can visit Wish.org.


About NEW | Popular | Hot | Trending features

The newest way to find out what’s trending in the Disney community is on these pages.

  • Popular – The most viewed posts of all time (something like “Hall of Fame”).
  • Hot – The most viewed posts from last month.
  • Trending – The most viewed posts from last day.


About the NEW Reactions

A great way to categorize posts is by emotion, something we introduced last year. As technology evolves, so does The Happiest Blog On Earth. Users are now able to vote at the bottom of every post on an emotion that post made them feel. These posts are then categorized by emotion for all users to browse. These new voting features are a first for a Disney blog, and The Happiest Blog On Earth is the only Disney blog to allow users to vote by emotion!


Presence on Social Media

Since joining the ever-changing world of social media last summer, The Happiest Blog on Earth now has over 11,000 followers on Twitter and over 1,600 followers on Instagram. The blogs Twitter account on average has 69.1k impressions, reaching thousands of people around the globe.

Two years ago, Brandon did a daily live-stream on Periscope called “Daily Dose of Disney.” With over 130 live episodes, the new show received 176,650 hearts and gained almost 1100 new followers. In July 2017, Brandon will reboot the “Daily Dose of Disney” with more daily live-streams and more – kicking off at the 2017 D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center!



I know I don’t say this enough but thank you. Thank’s to people like you, I have been able to grow and expand the blog to it’s fullest potential. Without the help of Disney fans like yourself in the Disney community, none of this would be possible.

There is one special Person I would like to thank, and that would be my good friend and mentor Jeff DePaoli. Since meeting Jeff in July of last year, the numbers on the blog and social media have skyrocketed, thanks to the advise and help from Jeff. At the 2015 D23 Expo, Jeff and I did everything together for three solid days. Those were probably the best three days of my life.

Thank you Jeff, not only for being a great mentor and adviser on the blog, but also for being a great friend.


Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about the blog or about what I do, feel free to email me at any time: brandon@thehappiestblogonearth.net.