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“Paint the Night” NOT Likely to Return to Disneyland Park after “Main Street Electrical Parade” Ends

Remember, this is all speculation at this point!

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20janallday"Main Street Electrical Parade" Returns to Disneyland Park


Well, this is going to be a very disappointing post for many. It seems as if all signs are pointing to “Paint the Night” not returning to Disneyland Park after the Main Street Electrical Parade leaves. Paint the Night has been completely removed from the entertainment line-up on the official Disneyland website instead of being marked as just “unavailable” for the time being.

In light of noticing that the parade was taken off the website, I emailed my person at Disney and got this as a response:

Now that the holiday season is over, there are no current plans for performances of “Paint the Night.” When Main Street Electrical Parade returns Jan. 20, it will be running nightly through June 18. We cannot confirm what will run in its place after then.

Back in August when it was announced that the Main Street Electrical Parade was coming home to Disneyland, it was also announced that Paint the Night would be returning on select nights during the holidays.

Since then, Disneyland has not released any more information regarding the parade. I’ve heard rumors that this brilliant new parade may be shipped overseas and that Main Street Electrical Parade may be home for good. Just like what happened at Walt Disney World!

I can almost confirm with absolute certainty that Paint the Night will NOT be going to the Walt Disney World Resort.

If Disneyland was even considering this parade coming back, it wouldn’t be off of the website and the email I got wouldn’t say that they can’t confirm what’s happening next.

According to Disneyland’s official website, this is the full list of parade options available at Disneyland Park:

Paint the Night not included in entertainment lineup

Of course this is just speculation and should be taken as such, however, things don’t look good for the return of this half a million dollar parade. If anything changes, I will update this post or create a new one!

Update 3/1/17:

Disneyland’s official website just released an updated list of attractions and shows currently down for refurbishment and Paint the Night Parade is not on the list.

Here’s the official list currently on the website:

Not only is Paint the Night not on the list, the old URL that lead to the Paint the Night information page now redirects to the holidays page. The old URL for Paint the Night used to be located here:

Update 3/31/17:

According to the official Disneyland website, the Main Street Electrical Parade has extended it’s stay by two months. The official statement on the site reads:

Catch this classic nighttime parade filled with fanciful floats and toe-tappin’ tunes for a limited time―it fades away August 20, 2017!

This could mean one of two things. The first being that Paint the Night is FOR SURE not returning to the park this summer. The second being that this “limited time” parade is here to stay a lot longer than expected. This page will be updates as more information becomes available!

Written by Brandon Hawkins

Brandon has been visiting the parks since he was two years old. He has visited Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris multiple times. With a passion for everything Disney, Brandon gives followers up to date news from around the Walt Disney Company adding personal stories along the way. Brandon previously hosted The Happiest Podcast on Earth for three successful seasons.

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