Walt Disney’s First Los Angeles Home to be Demolished

When Walt Disney first moved to Los Angeles in 1923, his first home was at 4406 Kingswell Avenue. At the time, the home was owned by Walt’s Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Robert Disney who graciously let him stay there for just $5 a month. Walt was just 21 years old when he moved into the home and began working on his animations in the garage.

The house at 4406 Kingswell Avenue remains highly intact and features original windows, a wrap-around front porch, and a shingle-clad exterior with wide, overhanging eaves.  The interior retains original woodwork and a fireplace mantel featuring rough-hewn stone.

The property remained in the Disney family for 30 years. Its association with the Disney’s is well documented, including family home movie footage depicting the family in the front yard.

Gallery: GIF’s from silent home movies filmed in the front yard of this home:

The Los Angeles Conservancy has been trying to get the home registered as a Historic-Cultural Monument as this is the only way to protect the home from demolition. The last update given was on November 23, 2016:

UPDATE: On November 23, 2016, the Los Angeles City Council voted in support of a nomination initiated by the Department of City Planning to list the Charlotte and Robert Disney House as a Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM). To learn more, read the final staff report and recommendation. Thank you to Councilmember David Ryu’s office for supporting the nomination!

Since then, the house has still not been registered, leaving it vulerable to demolition. You can read more about the efforts to save the home here.

Written by Brandon Hawkins

Brandon has been visiting the parks since he was two years old. He has visited Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris multiple times. With a passion for everything Disney, Brandon gives followers up to date news from around the Walt Disney Company adding personal stories along the way. Brandon previously hosted The Happiest Podcast on Earth for three successful seasons.

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